Escrow Retro Pricing

 Prices set for: (2022)


Retrofit Compliance;  Inspection Fees: 


San Fernando Valley:

  Single Family (House, Condo & Townhome)------------------------*$125.00

  * (Up to 4,000 sq. ft.)

  *Properties over 4,000 sq. ft. will be charged an overage fee.

    Call for Details


Los Angeles City; 

   Single Family (House Condo & Townhome)------------------------*$125.00

  *(Up to 4,000 sq. ft.)

  *Aditional Costs could occur for longer travel time into the city. 

    Please call for details  (818) 883.2568


   *Residences that are larger than 4,000 sq. ft will be charged an overage 

     fee; (Please call  818-883.2568 for details)


  Triplex & Apartment Buildings (1st Unit-----------------------------*$150.00

  (Additional Units each)------------------------------------------------$25.00

  *Aditional Costs could occur for longer travel time into the city.  

    Call for Details  (818) 883.2568

Los Angeles County;  &  Unincorporated L.A. (West)

  (includes Issuance of Certified Compliance Report)

  Calabasas, Agoura Hills, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, San Fernando (City),          Burbank, Topanga, -------------------------------------------------*$150.00

  *Aditional Costs could occur for longer travel times and Fuekll Surcharge

   * Residences that are over 4,000 sq. ft. will be charged an overage fee

      *Please call for details (818) 883.2568


Malibu;  Ventura County; 

  (Includes Issuance of Certified Compliancd Report)

  Malibu, Moorpark, Oxnard, Ventura:-------------------------------*$175.00

  * Aditional Cost could occur for longer travel times and Fuel Surcharge

   *Residences that are ove 4,000 sq. ft. will be charged an overage fee

     *Please call for details  (818) 883.2568


Los Angeles City properties located in;

   San Fernando, Sun Valley,  San Pedro, Tujunga, Wilshire Corridor,

   as well as areas in  Down Town and  South Los Angeles;  are

   subject to extra time and gas surcharge  

     (Please call for Details)


Issuance of Certificate of Compliance (COC)


   Issuance of Certificate of Compliance (LA. City)------- ------$25.00

   Issuance of Certificed Report (County of L.A.).....................$25.00


Re-Inspection / Service Fees:


  Re-Inspection Fee (to verify compliance items)---------------------$95.00


   *Service call charge to perform needed work (second visit)

    if value of work is under $200.00-----------------------------------$95.00


Retrofitting Compliance; Service Fees:

(Includes Labor and Materials)


Water Heaters

  Double strapping (Standard 40-50 Gal.)---------------------------$120.00

  (75-100 Gal.)  (Triple Strapping)-----------------------------------$175.00

  Blocking; (Install 2. (2" x 4" ) blocks)-------------------------from $69.00

  TPR valve; Removal of old and Instalation of new-----------------$145.00

  TPR copper discharge pipe; -----------------------------------from $110.00

  Smitty Pan (Drain Pan)  Installed-----------------------------from $255.00

  Pan Drain Line (pvc plastic) ------------------------------------from $75.00

  Water Supply Flex lines (each Installed))---------------------------$50.00

  Water Supply Shut off Valve (ball valve)----------------------from $165.00

  Water heater Stands and Plumbing modification-------- (*Call for Details)

   *(Call for Details (818) 883-2568)


Toilets;  To meet LADWP Compliance Mandate;

  Los Angeles City Requires that all toilets at point of sale

  be 1.6 gpf (gallons per flush) or less!

   1.6 gpf (gallons per flush) toilets are no longer available for sale in the

  city of Los Angeles, but if they are already installed that's fine!

  (previously installed 1.6 gpf toilets meet compliance at point of sale)


Pro-flow High Efficency Toilet;

(Includes Installation and new Plastic toilet seat)

Ultra Low-Flow toilets; (1.28 gpf)  Pro-flow 1200 Super Saver Toilet! 

  Basic White, Two Piece, Round Front 12" rough in toilet---------$335.00


*Recomended Pro-Flow 1500

  "Larger Toilet Footprint"   

   1.28 GPF (Gallons per flush)     The Retrofitters Choice! 

  (Includes Installation and new Plastic Toilet Seat)

  (to coverup older toilet installations) 

  Two piece, round front, 12" rough in, white only-----------------$395.00


Toilet Components; 

   Extra items that may be necessary:

  10" Rough in Toilet Tank---------------------------------------------$50.00

  (for installations where the toilet flange bolts are less than

  12" from back wall)

  Water Supply Line (stainless high pressure) (installed)------------$28.00

  Water Supply; Angle stop replacement------------------------------$65.00

  Toilet Flange Repair; (*Starting at---------------------------------*$145.00

   (Broken or Rotted Toilet Flanges can need special repairs to

   mount a new Toilet;  The Charges for thes repairs can only be

   assessed after the Removal of the old toilet

      (CAll for Details)


Toilet Options;

  Elongated Toilet Bowl (for 1500 Toilet only)

  Includes a new elongated (Plastic) toilet seat-----------------------$75.00

  Carpet Tack strip removal and carpet re-fitting --------------------$70.00

  Base plate Cover -----------------------------------------------------$78.00

  (hides old linolium gaps, or absence of) (white only)


Toilet Installation Only;

  (for customers who purchase there own Toilets!)

  (Includes wax rings) -----------------------------------------from $250.00


New Toilet Pick up Fees;

  (For Clients who need us to pick up their new purchases)
  Starting Fee:----------------------------------------------------------*$60.00
   *Could cost moire depeding on where we are going!)
     * CAll for Details  



Removal of old toilets  is included with all new Toilet Installations


       Brand Name Toilets available (Call for Price!)



Smoke Detectors, CO Detectors and Combo

Smoke /CO Detectors;


Smoke Detectors (Installed)

  (10 Year Battery Operated)------------------------------------------$50.00

  Electric Operated Smoke Detector (with Bat. Backup)-------------$55.00

  New "Hardwired" (J-Box for Electric Smoke Detectors)------from $205.00

  (not responsible if holes are needed to be cut to install new wiring)

  (additional fees may occur if patching is required)

  Combo Smoke / CO Detector (Electric w. Bat. Backup)------------$95.00

  Battery Replacement (for exisitng smoke detectors, each)--------$15.00


Carbon Monoxide Detectors (Installed)

  Battery Operated (dc type 9-v)--------------------------------------$49.00

  Electric Operated (ac type w/ battery backup)---------------------$65.00


Combo Smoke / CO detectors (Installed)

  Combo Smoke / co detector (10 yr. Bat. type)----------------------$95.00

  Combo Smoke / C.O. Detector (ac type w/ bat. backup)-----------$95.00



Sliding Glass Doors; (Impact Safety Glazing)

  (Movable door only;)

  Installation of Impact Hazard Safety Glazing----------------*from $159.00

  *Cost depending on door width

    (CAll for Details)

  *Existing Film Removal (starting at)-----------------------------------*$65.00

       (CAll for Details)


E. Q. Seismic Gas Shut-off Valves; (SGSOV)

   (*Prices tarting at)--------------------------------------------*from $325.00


   All SGSOV's are bid on a individual basis, Not all installtions are the same!

   (We will give a competitive bid during the Retrofit Inspection)

         (CAll for Details)



   Permit Fees,  L.A. City SGSOV;

   LADBS SGSOV Permit fee (Single SGSOV)-------------------------*$75.00

   (For SGSOV Installations performed by Escrow Retrofitting only)

  *Los Angeles Building & Safety fees are determined by the

  number of (SGSOV) valves that are installed under one roof

  (Call for Details)


Permitting of Existing SGSOV;

 Existing SGSOV Must meet L.A. City code / correct line size

  & be an approved Make & Model by the LADBS

  Many of the past installations of SGSOV have been determined to need new         installations of new approved SGSOV,  Several of the manufactors who              supplied SGSOV's have gone out of business and the LADBS requires that at      the time of permitting the valve manufacturing Co. must be a viable company    that offers a 30 yr. manufactors guarantee)


  Cost to Pull L.A. City SGSOV Permit for Other Plumbers or

  Homeowner Installations;   

  *Starting at----------------------------------------------------------*$125.00


  (*For a Single existing non-permitted SGSOV that is installed correctly

   installed and meeting the apprioval of the LADBS)

    (* Permit fees are determined by the number of SGSOV valves installed

   under one roof)  Multiple Buildings with SGSOV installed will increse the cost       of the City of L.A. Permit fees.   (Call for Details)


Shower Heads; (Installed)

  (2.5gpm)---------------------------------------------------------*from $36.00

  (*possible shower arm could  needed for some installations)

     (Call for Details)


Faucets Aerators; (Installed)

  *Install new 2.2 gpm Aerators (each)--------------------------*from $28.00

  (*Costs can be more depending on the typoe of Kitchen or Lavatory Faucet,          depending on fixture size, make & model)

     (Call for Details)


  New Kitchen or Lavatory Faucets can be Installed   

     (call for Price)


                             (818) 883.2568