We Offer the Following Installation and Services:


  • Retrofit Inspection for the City of Los Angleles and outlying Counties
  • Issuance of L.A. DWP Certificate of Compliance; for Los Angeles City only
  • Issuance of Certification / Report; for Non Los Angeles Cities (Unincorporated L.A. County Areas)
  • California Water Conservation Retrofitting
  • Installation of Ultra low-flow Toilets, shower heads and faucets
  • Installation of Water Heater Double Strapping, Seismic Blocking,  TPR Valves and Discharge pipes
  • Water Heater; Raising the water heater off the ground 18" to meet Fire Code (only if in a Garage)
  • Removal and Replacement of Water Heaters (if needed) 
  • Installation of Hardwired Smoke Detectors (Condos, Apartments or Commercial Buildings)
  • Removal and Replacement of (ac type) Smoke detectors (Normal or Combo; Smoke/ co Detectors)
  • Installation of 10 year Lithium battery operated Smoke detectors, Combo type and single type bat. co detectors
  • Installation of Sliding Glass Door Impact Safety Glazing
  • Installation of E.Q. Seismic Gas Shut Off Valves


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