We Offer the Following Installation and Services:


Retrofit Inspection for the City of Los Angleles and outlying Counties;

Issuance of L.A. DWP Certificate of Compliance

Issuance of Certification / Report for Non Los Angeles Cities (L.A. County)

California Water Conservation Retrofitting

Installation of Ultra low-flow Toilets, shoiwer heads and faucets

Installation of Water Heater Double Strapping, TPR Valves and Discharge pipes

Water heater Raising to Fire Code (if in a Garage)

Removal and Replacement of Water Heaters (if necessary)

Installation of Hardwired Smoke Detectors (Condo or Apartments)

Removal and Replacement of (ac type) Smoke detectors (Normal or Combo type

Installation of 10 year battery operated Smoke and Co detectors

Installation of Sliding glass door Impact Safety Glazing

Installation of E.Q. Seismic Gas Shut Off Valves

Misc. Plunbing and Electrical Repairs

Light Punch List (Home Inspection) Repairs;

(Must call 818. 883.2568)