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CA. State License #934168

Escrow Retro was started with the Real Estate Professional in mind.  We have been working hand in hand with Realtors for over twenty years.  Escrow Retro has been at the forefront since the City of Los Angeles has required Water Conservation Retrofitting.   We are proud that Escrow Retro has been here for the Real Estate Pro's from the start! You can count on us for performing what is needed and trust us for taking care of your clients Retrofitting needs.

Escrow Retro is a "Full Service" Certified Los Angeles City & State Retrofit Compliance Co. We are Liscensed with the State of California as a B-1, General Contractor and a C-36 Plumbing Contractor. We are Bonded, and Insured with Liability and Workmans Comp Insurance. 


We Specialize in Performing the needed Mandatory Inspection of the "9A" City Retrofit Requirements, Specified by the Los Angeles Building and Safety.  We will Certify, once the 9a items are in Compliance, and "Sign Off" on the DWP Certficate of Compliance needed to Close your Escrow!  Typically, within the City of L.A., for a Single Family Home, Townhouse or Condo, we Inspect for the Minimum required "Point of Sale" 1.6 gpf low-flow toilets, Check Water Heaters for Double Strapping, Test all Smoke and CO Detectors for correct opperation, Inspect all Shower heads & Faucets to meet the low flow compliance mandate ,  Inspect Sliding Glass Doors  (movable door only) for safety Glass insignia "Tempered Glass," and lastly, Verify if the E.Q. Seismic Gas Shut Off Valves (SGSOV) located on the gas meter, is Permitted with the City of L.A.  We also perform Inspections on Multi-Family Dwellings as well as Commercial and Industrial Buildings.


As of Jan 1st, 2017; A Seller or Transferor, of a Single-Family residential, Multifamily & Comercial Real property, "State Bill SB 407," mandates that property owners must replace all noncompliant plumbing fixtures throughout all Counties of Los Angeles and the State of California.  For more Details Please Call;  (818) 883.2568


After our initial "Retro Inspection" of a property, we will Provide an "Itemized Report / Proposal" of what is needed to meet "Code."  Once the property has met all necessary ordinances we will issue the necessary DWP Certificate of Compliance (COC); "only needed in Los Angeles City."  Properties located in the County of Los Angeles can be Inspected as well to make sure that the mandatory State Compliance codes of having Smoke & CO detectors, Water Heater double strapping and Water Conservation Fixtures; are completed as required when selling. Check our list underneath the "City of L.A. Seal" for "City Code Requirements."


As a consideration, we can bill through escrow!


Escrow Retro is a Company that you can Trust. We are Licensed, Bonded and Insured to perform (B-1) General Construction and (C-36) Plumbing Contracting Services. Our Specializing in "9a Retrofitting" can give Realtors and Homeowners Confidence in a job done right.   We strive to offer the Real Estate Community a Professional, Honest, and carring commitment to all of our Clients!


Best Regards,


Gary M. Gram


(Owner of Escrow Retro)



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